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  • We offer a wide array of occupational and private services.

    Can you pass a Drug Test? Are you sure? Be certain, feel comfortable & remember Target Testing when you need to know now!

    Is your company getting the 5% reduction in premiums for your Workers Comp insurance for drug screening your employees? Contact Target Testing and ask for Gary! (863)701-0777

  • Our physicians and medical staff are nationally registered and certified to do DOT exams.
  • Does your company have more than 5 DOT drivers? Call to arrange for on-site services!
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  • Need to save money? Become a Florida Drug Free Workplace! Save 5% of the cost of your Work Comp insurance. Call Target Testing if you have questions!

  • Are you concerned?

  • Is someone you know or love abusing drugs? Our rapid drug tests have results in less than five minutes!
  • Are you ready to work? Can you pass a drug /alcohol test? Feel confident and prepared. Sometimes knowing is the comfort you need.
  • Need a DNA test? We can help you!

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Are you concerned that
someone you know or love
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Our caring staff can answer your questions. All tests are confidential and many take only 5 minutes.
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